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Subconscious Behaviour Modification Program 

Welcome to SBMP

SBMP, or the Subconscious Behavior Modification Program, is a top-tier intervention program designed to facilitate cognitive change. The program is highly effective in helping individuals modify their thoughts and behaviors, ultimately leading to positive outcomes in various areas of life. SBMP employs evidence-based techniques and strategies, such as cognitive restructuring and behavior modification, to assist participants in altering their patterns of thinking and acting. Through these techniques, individuals can develop new, more adaptive cognitive and behavioral habits that promote personal growth and well-being.

Hidden Thought

Transit of the Reality

One of the most basic principles of SBMP is that one can improve his situation only if he is willing to face his own true thoughts about himself.

Recovery Exercise

The Science of Recovery

Living in the present moment is a crucial element of overall well-being and personal growth.


A new way of living 

The subconscious mind is often compared to a huge data storage system that permanently stores everything that happens to a person, with an unlimited capacity. 

Courses & Products

Who Am I?

Transit of the Reality

Knowing oneself is an essential aspect of personal growth and development. 


The Science of Recovery

Here is an invitation - an invitation to join us.


A new way of living 

Some people find happiness in one place and never look back.

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