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I'm Elaine Ho from Taichung, Taiwan. A 36-year-old project manager who has been working in the technology industry for 10 years.

Working in a fast-paced and high-pressure environment for a long time had affected both physical and mental conditions. At that time, I started to come into contact with films and books related to psychology and the subconscious. However, my life had not changed. In 2021, I saw a friend change after taking the SBMP course that reminded me: life should be energetic and enthusiastic. That’s why I came to SBMP. It was the beginning of my life change.

Starting from Insight Course to UAP, I got to realize the different layers of myself and how the world works. Through exercises and tools, I have modified the subconscious. To take back ownership of my own life and also open up my view of points.

As the room coach of the SBMP team, I focus on accompanying more people who want to change to SBMP. To assist them to explore and modify their subconscious for living out what they want. Also, I have been growing together with the students while accompanying them to break through. We are all gradually adjusting ourselves to become better people.

We are the directors and actors of our lives. Let’s create a wonderful and harmonious life together.

我是Elaine Ho,來自台灣台中36歲,在科技業工作10年的專案經理。





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