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Geng Ru

I am Geng Ru, 37 years old, from Taiwan.

Graduated from Da-Yeh University in 2014 with a degree in Visual Communication Design.

I am an SBMP Instructor who loves to learn to grow and change.

Through learning SBMP tools, I have been able to change my habits and create more value.

I also found that I am good at listening and understanding others.

This trait brings warmth and support to people.

Even so, I know I still have a lot to learn and improve.

I will continue this journey with my passion for SBMP tools.

我是耕如 今年37歲 來自臺灣


我是一位 熱愛學習成長改變的 SBMP教練



我也發現自己是擅於 傾聽 以及 理解他人

這樣的特質帶給人溫暖 以及 被支持 的感受



Geng Ru
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