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Jill Hsu

I’m Jill from Taiwan. I’m 33 years old.

Graduated from the Finance Department of Longhua University of Science and Technology,

From the financial and insurance industry, I always feel that it is a very happy thing to help others. I always help others with my heart; but for myself, I always want to be perfect and care about how I present my self in the eyes of others. I have gained a lot of honors at work, but the happiness brought by these honors is very short-lived, and I am getting more and more frustrated. It was not until I came into contact with SBMP that I discovered that my subconscious has been influenced by the original family group, and I can’t come into my own no matter how excellent I actually am.

I use the tools I learned to repair myself step by step, unload the past and reconcile with myself, refocusing on both the target and the future I want. I can now feel happiness, realness, gratefulness and unrestrained from things I encounter in my daily life.




Jill Hsu
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