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I am Linda from Taiwan, graduated with a Bachelor in Finance from Tung Hai University. 

I am 40 years old and have been a full-time instructor at SBMP for over 2 years.

I used to be the head of the overseas department of a well-known publicly traded company, earning US$35,000 per year and having two months of vacation every year.

From exploring myself to becoming an instructor for over 104 weeks in 2 years, I have been touched by witnessing the changes in all students within 3 days every week. It is a precious gift to be an instructor to be a part of the transformation of many people in their lives.

On the other hand, I have more flexible choices in my work. Such as working from home, going out to a cafe, or even flying abroad for a few months. This is a freedom and happiness that I have never experienced before.

In addition, starting as an intern instructor until becoming an intern trainer, I am fortunate to learn directly from the founder of SBMP Jun and Liz. This is also the secret that allows me to create my ideal life in a short period of time through the precise application of SBMP tools.

我是來自台灣的Linda, 畢業於東海大學財務金融系, 今年40歲, 加入SBMP公司擔任全職教練至今已經2年多的時間。

過去的我曾經是一家知名上市公司的海外部門主管, 年薪3.5萬美元, 每年擁有兩個月的假期。

從探索自己開始, 到成為全職教練的2年多以來, 超過104週的時光, 每週都會因為見證學生在3天內的變化而感動, 這是成為一個教練的珍貴禮物, 讓我有機會參與許多人在生命中蛻變的過程。

另一方面, 我在工作上也擁有了更多彈性的選擇, 比如在家工作, 外出到一個咖啡廳, 甚至是飛到國外短住幾個月, 這是我從未體驗過的自由與快樂。

此外, 從實習教練開始, 到成為一個實習的培訓師, 我很幸運的能直接向SBMP創辦人Jun和Liz學習, 這也是讓我能在短短的時光, 透過精準的應用SBMP工具, 創造出理想中的生活的秘訣。

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