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Dear explorer,

Hello, I'm Meigo from Taiwan, a software application engineer who has been working in the semiconductor industry for ten years.

As an only daughter who grew up in a double-income family, I spent a lot of time alone since I was a child, and I had to complete many things independently. I remember that on the first day of elementary school enrollment, my mother took me to the bus stop, we took a 30-minute bus ride to my school, and then she told me: "Remember how to go to school, you have to go to school by yourself from tomorrow ." I learned to be independent and strong, but I also buried a lot of loneliness and insecurity in my heart.

It was only after I met SBMP that I realized that all kinds of things in my childhood have always affected me. It took me 35 years to know that whether it is money, family, love, friendship or even health, I have been affected by these childhood experiences in all aspects. I have many friends with a wide range of interests, and have lived in many cities because of work. My life is wonderful in the eyes of others, but only I know that I am not happy, and my heart is always empty.

After I was lucky enough to have the tool of SBMP at the age of 35, I have the ability not to be affected by past memories. Slowly, I found that I have changed more and more from the bits and pieces in my life. I will not worry about what others think before doing anything, and I will not blame myself after anything happens. I no longer feel that I am the only one in my life, and I can even become a coach if I have enough energy to give students these beautiful changes that have happened to me. Seeing the innocent smiles of the students who were relieved after the course ended, I realized how fulfilling and happy it is to help others.

I hope you can also give yourself a chance to feel your own changes.

We are born to be wonderful, let's feel it together.



作為一個在雙薪家中長大的獨生女,從小到大有好多時間都是自己一個人度過,好多的事情必須要自己獨立完成。記得國小入學的第一天,媽媽帶著我走去公車站,坐了30分鐘的公車到我的學校,然後告訴我說:“要牢牢記得怎麼上學喔,明天開始你就要自己上學了。” 我學會了獨立堅強,也在心中埋下了重重的孤獨感跟不安全感。






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