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I am Nia, I am 30 years old, I am Taiwanese. My family is in Pingtung, which is like summer all the year round. I graduated from the Chinese Department of Providence University in Taichung. I was very confused about the future. I didn’t know what my bright spot was. I changed Many jobs, I have worked in beverage stores, banquet halls, schools, cram schools, and telecommunications, but I still don't know which field I should settle down in, and I can't really love my life.

Until I met SBMP in 2022, at first I just saw the changes in my friends and was curious, how could there be such a big change in a course? I just wanted to be happy again, so I embarked on this trip to explore my own journey. Now I am really happy that I did this. I found the simplest and most effective technique to help me deal with the struggles in my past experience. The awakening of life is only a moment. I believe that the intention to change can take me go further.

I am looking forward to hearing the life stories you share. Being able to accompany you and support your life growth will be my greatest motivation as an SBMP coach.




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