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My name is Zyi from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am 41 years old.


I am an ACCA graduate from Sunway University and a chartered accountant by profession. For the past 16 years, I worked as an auditor, and accountant in multinational companies supporting various functions from statutory and tax, pricing to finance. 

I wasn't satisfied with my job. I’ve been looking for something that is worth spending my entire life on. 

What do you want? and Who I am? are the 2 questions I always asked. 

I attended many classes to look for answers, from learning hard skills and soft skills, and personal development to metaphysics from Gurus from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China to Taiwan. I spent 6 figures on course fees, yet I still can't find the answer. 

When I was at my lowest point I meet SBMP. 

I discovered my strength and potential and become happy. I understand that all answers are to be found from the inner self and there are many things I don't know yet to be discovered and learned. Thanks to SBMP precious tools are simple yet effective. I can't believe I meet the life-changing moment that I have been looking for, SBMP gave me a second life. The feeling of being reborn is amazing. 

I am grateful that I found the valuable mission that I can spend my entire life on, sharing this amazing gift with more people like me, who are looking for answers to courageously live their true selves and create the desired life. I believed with SBMP humans would have more compassion and create a harmonious and peaceful world.





你想要什么?"和 "我是谁?"是我一直问的两个问题。





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