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About Us

The Subconscious Behaviour Modification Program (SBMP) is a program that targets people of all ages and backgrounds. It was first discovered and materialised in 2008 by Jun and Liz, who were trying to find a way to help people achieve intentional living. The goal is to help people understand the importance of awareness according to the original purpose. SBMP is dedicated to setting and maintaining standards and materials for SBMP worldwide, as well as being the officially established company for all Certified SBMP instructors and graduates.

The SBMP is a breakthrough in Self Development Education. It provides an innovative way to train and educate people from all walks of life, so they can become the best version of themselves. The program has been designed over many years with research and experience by Jun and Liz, then was evolved by their team, which has now trained thousands of people worldwide. 

The SBMP was created by Jun and Liz, two visionary people who have been dedicating themselves to impacting the world for over ten years. And in 2020 they founded the company with a clear intention and path for their mission: "To create an environment of healing through mindfulness." The company's core values are rooted in self-awareness, and conscious living. They empower students by teaching them how to manage their minds, provide systemised tools, improve relationships with others - and oneself.

SBMP's goal is to provide an open, transparent and structured approach for viewing data that enables everyone in society, from all walks of life with different perspectives on the world around them can come together. Jun Lee states "to present" SBMP as it actually exists which requires a clear comprehension about what this means so they are able get behind our efforts.”

He knew that it isn’t something he could do alone so wisely established an organisational structure in which valued principles could be carried out into society while still maintaining their originality.

With this expansion, the vision of a global community dedicated to awareness training has begun coming true. International students and teachers come together in SBMP courses which are designed for them by instructors from all over world who share their experiences with these improved programs that will help better prepare people everywhere for whatever may happen next. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of everyone, from beginners who want an education in their field or interest group up through professionals.

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1 Central Level 16, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5 KL Sentral, 50470 KL

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