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The EP Program is an opportunity to receive tailored coaching from the SBMP team. You will have access to attend any of their programs whenever you want and can also split up into as many occasions, anywhere in world - we will always accommodate your favorite schedules.

Members of this organisation are driven. They have a never-ending passion for life, enthusiasm towards personal and professional achievement that knows no bounds; they also refuse to let anyone stand in their way. 

The experience of attending this EP will provide you with a unique opportunity to network and learn from some of the best coaches in the field.

We're excited to have you on board. Your commitment and enthusiasm will be integral in producing great results for yourself, your relationships with others that are involved. We can't wait until we get started; together there is no limit but only opportunity ahead of us so let's take advantage while it lasts. 

The following guide will give you all the training and support needed to maximize your time as an EP member.


In a world where mediocrity reigns, there exists a realm that only a select few dare to explore—a realm of limitless possibilities, boundless success, and unrivaled personal growth. Are you ready to ascend to that extraordinary level? The SBMP Exclusive Package (EP) presents itself as the gateway to this exclusive world, a realm of transformation where commitment is your currency.


Imagine a journey that is not merely a program but a profound opportunity to craft the life you've always envisioned. The EP Program is your ticket to an exceptional coaching experience, carefully curated by the trailblazing SBMP team. It's not just about attending sessions; it's about embracing a lifestyle that resonates with your ambitions. Our program offers the flexibility to attend various modules at your convenience, anywhere on the globe, designed to harmonize with your bustling schedule.


Embracing the EP Program means joining a league of individuals who are driven by an insatiable passion for life. They breathe enthusiasm into every endeavor, be it personal or professional, and remain steadfast in their refusal to let obstacles hinder their path. The EP community is a tapestry of relentless determination, woven with threads of resilience, ambition, and an unwavering commitment to selfimprovement.


As you embark on this transformative journey, you'll find yourself immersed in an environment that fosters growth and nourishes connections. Attending the EP Program grants you access to an elite network of like-minded individuals who are equally devoted to unlocking their full potential. With SBMP, it's not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about surrounding yourself with mentors, thought leaders, and visionaries who will illuminate your path towards greatness. The SBMP team comprises seasoned coaches, luminaries in their respective fields, who are prepared to guide you through a profound metamorphosis. Their expertise will empower you to navigate the labyrinth of self-discovery, allowing you to harness the power of your subconscious mind to reshape your behaviors, beliefs, and ultimately, your destiny.


We extend a warm welcome to you as a future EP member. Your dedication and zest for personal evolution will be the driving force behind the remarkable results you'll achieve—for yourself and for the relationships you nurture along the way. The countdown to an extraordinary life has begun, and we can hardly contain our excitement. Together, we're not confined by limits; rather, we're propelled by the boundless opportunities that lie ahead.

This guide is your compass, steering you toward maximizing your tenure as an EP member. Brace yourself for an odyssey of self-mastery, empowerment, and unparalleled growth. Your future is bright, and SBMP's EP Program is here to illuminate the path to your exceptional self. Let's seize this moment; after all, the opportunity of a lifetime is only as valuable as the commitment you invest.


What Awaits You in the EP?

Congratulations, visionary! By choosing the SBMP Exclusive Package, you've embarked on a year-long odyssey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation. Buckle up as we dive into the intricate details of this immersive journey that's set to reshape your future.

A Year of Boundless Opportunities

Your EP membership spans a consecutive 12-month timeline, a year brimming

with promise and potential. Active members are bestowed with an array of

extraordinary benefits, ranging from invigorating coaching sessions to exclusive

event invitations, and access to all four meticulously crafted modules of the SBMP

course. The clock starts ticking from your activation date, and within this year, the

world is your oyster.

Commitment and Benefits

Once your subscription is activated, the countdown begins. For a full year, you'll

be privy to a wealth of opportunities. After this period, while additional services do

come at an extra cost, there's no further commitment required. Delve into the EP

terms for a comprehensive understanding of this dynamic.

Embrace the Journey

Your journey commences the moment you activate your subscription. With your

investment in place, you're not just securing a seat at the table; you're holding a

golden ticket to self-discovery. This is not just an educational experience—it's a

lifestyle transformation. Your all-access pass to our events and the four modules is

your gateway to profound growth and awakening.

The Power of Preparation


As a sign of your commitment, all tuition fees are settled in advance. This not only

secures your spot but also opens the door to an additional package that awaits

your future redemption. This extra offering, like a hidden gem, holds surprises that

will be unveiled on a case-by-case basis.

A Year of Adventure

During your membership year, you'll be welcomed into the inner circle of SBMP's

founders and core team. Exclusivity becomes your norm as you journey to some of

the world's most enchanting destinations, accompanied by a dynamic group of

trainers. This collective is fueled by an unyielding passion for their craft and an

insatiable thirst for knowledge. Prepare to learn, share, and evolve together.

Personalized Engagement

In the EP Member Lifestyle, diversity reigns supreme. Each member is empowered

to shape their journey according to their desires. Whether you choose to fully

immerse yourself in the experience or take a measured approach, the EP program

accommodates every style, ensuring your comfort and growth.

Your Support System

Your satisfaction is paramount. Our dedicated support team, stationed in Kuala

Lumpur, Malaysia, is available to ensure your experience is smooth and

memorable. Feel free to reach out for assistance or inquiries; we're committed to

providing exceptional customer service that goes above and beyond. Reach out to

us anytime at

Guidelines for Your Success

We're with you every step of the way. The security deposit becomes nonrefundable

after 30 days, and full payment solidifies your enrollment. Our promise remains

unwavering: we're here to guide you toward the transformation you deserve.

Embrace the Journey

So, visionary, your path is clear. With the SBMP Subconscious Behavior

Modification Program (EP), you're not just signing up for a program—you're

embracing a lifestyle of growth, empowerment, and endless possibilities. Your

commitment fuels your progress, and the world is waiting to witness your

transformation. Welcome to the SBMP family, where greatness is nurtured, and

potential is unlocked.

Your EP Journey: Answering Your Questions

Can I Pause My Membership?

We understand that life can be unpredictable, but unfortunately, membership holds

are not in the cards for the EP program. Why, you ask? Because we've designed

this immersive experience to be a seamless, consecutive 12-month journey, fueled

by your dedication and commitment. Our aim is crystal clear: to ensure an

unparalleled experience that's as continuous as your drive to excel.

When Life's Plans Clash with Events

Life's twists and turns sometimes conflict with our plans, and we get it. If you find

yourself unable to attend a module within your membership year, remember, your

membership benefits are like fleeting stardust—you can only capture them during

your active status. Once your membership year fades into history, so do the

benefits. Unfortunately, there's no provision for retroactive redemption.

Sharing Isn't Caring - Not This Time

While sharing is a virtue, we're a bit strict about it when it comes to your EP

benefits. Those coveted tickets aren't transferable or giftable. We believe in

fairness and creating an environment where every member gets their rightful share

of the EP magic. So, while you can't gift your ticket to another, you can make

memories that are entirely your own.

Transitioning Into the Next Chapter

The journey doesn't necessarily end; sometimes, it just evolves. For our returning

members who are itching to dive back into the EP universe, we offer the flexibility

you need. Perhaps you've amassed a treasure trove of knowledge and skills this

year and want to implement them fully before starting anew. No worries—delay

your next membership activation date and return when the timing feels just right

for your continued growth.

Your Vision, Our Commitment

At SBMP, your growth and experience are at the forefront of everything we do.

We're here to provide clarity, guidance, and the tools you need to elevate your life.

As you navigate this transformative journey, remember that the power to unlock

your potential is in your hands. Your commitment fuels your success, and your

dedication ignites your transformation.

Seize the Opportunity

So, fellow visionary, your path is illuminated. With every question answered, you're

ready to forge ahead in your EP adventure. Your dedication, your journey—our

commitment to your growth. This isn't just a program; it's an immersion into

possibility, a voyage into the uncharted territories of your potential. Your questions

are answered, your curiosity sated, and now, your future awaits. Let's journey

together into a realm of unprecedented transformation and boundless

achievement. Welcome to the SBMP family, where questions lead to answers and

answers lead to empowerment.

Goh Zhi Yi
Jul 17 2022

After the three days, of course, the person I am, is always the person I am. Just that my thoughts and opinions have changed. I can understand why I act and behave in some way because my character must be exposed to protect my hidden character.

My biggest accomplishment was being able to watch my relationship. I know that what I had before was exhausting, because I was always being sucked into the black hole. Having to hold me back, chasing after someone who's still playing victims and being part of their movie. The image is quite clear to me now and I had chosen to let go. I like having tools like frequency categorization that help me get back on track every time I feel weak. And understand what level of frequency I am at.

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