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EP Module 1


Contact your instructor for more details.

EP Module 1

  • SBMP Graduate Certification

  • Empirical Exercises for Thought Recovery

  • Insights into Reality Creation

  • The Principles of SBMP

Day 1 is a chance for you to explore your thinking and how it affects the world around us. You'll learn some new ways of viewing things, connect with others who are on similar journeys in their own life journey--and have all this knowledge reinforced by experienced SBMP instructors guiding each person individually through tools & exercises so you get maximum benefits from them!

Day 2 of the course is all about reconnecting with your existence and regaining that ability to create your personal reality as effortlessly as possible.

Day 3 of the course explores how to manage thoughts in order to address conflicts, limitations and pain. The technique is used through a series exercises that help you deal with these issues more efficiently than ever before.

Layla Lai


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