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EP Module 2


Contact your instructor for more details.

EP Module 2

  • Origin: How to change perspective and find your true self

  • Handle persistent conditions with intention

  • Intentional living: The technique to develop the ability to handle any situation

This course has a three-day structure. The time spent is unusual, but the exercises and activities make it worth your while! At first glance these practices may seem difficult or overwhelming - let me assure you they won't be by week's end; in fact there will always only be laughter after some intense moments as we reflect on what has happened over this short yet memorable journey together.

This instructor course will take you behind the scenes and give an entirely new perspective on the world.

After three days of intense yet exciting sessions, students may find themselves struggling to remember what even happened. But by the end they will know for certain that SBMP works - it's an indelible mark on one’s consciousness forevermore.

Layla Lai


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