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EP Module 4


Contact your instructor for more details.

EP Module 4

  • Find your purpose in life

  • Achieve success in your career

  • Understand the elements of life

  • Restore integrity and tolerance

  • Direct free attention for the process of creation

A greater experience of integrity – alignment with your actions and intentions. A clarity in understanding how you are affecting yourself, others around you as well as what is happening all throughout the universe at any given moment.

A deepened sense that we each have an enormous responsibility to live our lives fully so they can be beneficial for everyone else on Earth.

The experience is about finding your personal power and becoming more comfortable with who you are. It's also an opportunity for recovery from the things that have been holding us back, like embarrassment or trying to make a good impression on others; instead we should stand at this edge as it unfolds in order not just see but shape what comes next: fresh perspectives every day!

Layla Lai


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