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I'm Iris Lin from Taiwan.

 I have been a hair stylist for 41 years.  My family is very poor, so I started to learn hairdressing at the age of 13. I went to Hong Kong as a hairdressing designer at the age of 21. My colleagues at the age of 31 have invited me to be a hairdressing designer from the United States, Canada, Singapore and the United Kingdom. It is best for me to choose the United Kingdom as a hairdressing designer.  Teacher, now I am working as a coach in SBMP to assist and guide students who come to SBMP

 find your true self,

 Because life can be good, fun and free.

 Welcome to this journey.

我是來自台灣的Iris Lin。

我做美髮設計師已經 41年了。 我家很窮,所以我13歲開始學習美髮,我21歲到香港當美髮設計師,我31歲同事有美國,加拿大,新加坡及英國邀請我去當美髮設計師,最後我選擇英國當美髮設計師,現在我是在SBMP 當教練協助及引導來SBMP 的學生找回真實的自己,



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